The Mount - Clitheroe Masjid

Phase 1/Ground Floor - Completed

Alhamdulillah the phase 1 of the Masjid Project was completed just before Ramadhan 2012 and has been running since. Phase 1 includes the Masjid (Jamaat khana), wash area, toilets & office. There are also 2 temporary class rooms for the Madrasah children, 1 in the Masjid and the other in what’s supposed to be a hall way.

Phase 2 & 3 – Work will commence soon InshaaAllah

We plan to start the renovation of phase 2 & 3. Phase 2 will consist of Madrasah classrooms for children, area for sisters & a kitchen. Phase 3 will consist of a large hall which will be used for functions, meetings and youth activities. The total cost of this renovation is approximately £30,000.